Styling The Pop Landscape

Company: SuperBloom House (Mother Advertising Agency)

Spotify Campaigns

Spotify hired SuperBloom to create marketing collateral for Spotify Blend, and Festival features that they were promoting. I was a part of the Post-Production, Concepting, and Strategy team to make the materials needed. I created the assets that needed to be animated and animated all the assets required for each feature.

My Role: Graphic Designer & Junior Video Editor

The Blend feature on Spotify allows users to blend Spotify playlists with up to 10 Spotify users in a group. Users can create a shared music and podcast playlist based on their preferences by merging and updating their music preferences in a single playlist. This playlist can be with other Spotify users, Artists, and Fictional characters. My Role: Motion Graphics Artist

Spotify's feature of having users connect via concerts and festivals through playlists is something they wanted to promote through the summer.

The direction they were going for was fun and interactive so the animations of the illustrations made had to be more of a fun direction. This campaign was geared towards Gen-Z and younger Millennials within the strategy taking that into consideration made the text and and look have an overall more inviting feeling.

Ken Burns

SuperBloom had me work on creating a kens burns effect as a pitch for Vans similar to their previous work with them that they have produced as formerly named Daughter. I was given total control on the direction of the pitch and the art style. I decided to go with the skater rough style very similar to a the grunge design style in order to show that skateboarding is a rough sport that gets you scratches all over.

Updated Slate Designs

At SuperBloom I was tasked with creating new slate designs due to the fact that the older ones were missing the new branding direction. I had to animate the countdown make the slates more vibrant but also have a sleek one that's similar to the old direction but still updated with some vibrancy for contrast.

Panera's Summer Content

Panera was one of SuperBloom's main clients and a lot of day to day work was coming up with content for their social media platforms. This included YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. I had to stay on top of trends and know their menu and brand inside and out in order to create compelling content that related to their customers.

Mother's Events and Celebrations

Mother Advertising Agency had a lot of events that happened in the office. Some being for employees others being with clients. The frequency of the events were pretty active. But these events would need to have posters poster up around the office. I was tasked to create this one poster design for pride. It was an event at a comedy club celebrating pride and questioning what companies really know about the LGBTQ+ community.

SuperBloom House

At SuperBloom, I was put on a ton of projects. SuperBloom Is the production house for Mother Advertising Agency. As a content creator, I was tasked with working on projects with the social media coordinators managing Panera's platform at SuperBloom, creating content, and coming up with strategies based on new trends during the summer. I was also tasked with many Mother Advertising Agency projects to keep everyone updated on events and special occasions. Mother Goods product decks taught me to create decks that were presented to higher-ups and investors.