Healthcare with a Personalty

Client: Healthline Media

Contract Position: Associate Visual and Presentation Designer

I was tasked with many one-pager projects, and these exact one-pagers had decks involved. So, the decks should mimic the one-pagers created after they were designed based on the theme.

With some of the one-pagers, there were fronts and backs, but these are series that Healthline had that I was tasked to build out based on previous ones.

These were miscellaneous tasks I had for the team. One was a pickleball invitation with a partnering company that needed invitations. The other was a Happy Hour with an invitation and a card design for when people showed up.

Healthline Media

Healthline Media is a media company that reaches more people on their road to well-being than any other health property. I was given a contract to create visuals and help with decks for their internal team