The Non-Profit supporting Small Business Owners

Client: Entrepreneurs Forever

Contract Position: Freelance Graphic Designer

Here are two campaigns where the organizations were promoting and being very involved in. I had to design a logo based off of the brands standards and that captured the idea of the movements. Million Bound promoting the success of business and that is driven through sales. And then Breaking Barriers was a campaign education small businesses on the hurtles they'll go through and what resources they have.

I created social media templates, posts for campaigns or anything for content in order to organize and bring structure to the content around campaigns, events, and highlights.

Entrepreneurs Forever

Entrepreneurs Forever is a non-profit that educates, directs, and creates resources for small businesses to thrive. Members are given content and a safe space to grow their businesses, with other experts, entrepreneurs, and staff guiding them to bring their small businesses to the next level. I produced and created the work as a freelance graphic designer for campaigns, lessons, events, and social media content. This included Animations, Video editing, Illustrations, logo designs, and creating a social media content calendar.