The CUNY Creative's App

Client: City University of New York

Company: City University of New York

Due to the pandemic students became distant and the community all of Schools within the City University of New York (CUNY) diminished. Balance is a diverse platform that allows two-year students and four-year students to connect about projects, student life within their CUNY school. The pandemic divided the CUNY community and the connection that creatives need to succeed and grow diminished.
Using the logo patterns were made for each school that sets them apart. Each school has it's own personality due to what their design program emphasized or just the overall community atmosphere. This also determined their color as well.

The patterns were used in the brochures that explain each school and the app itself
Each school has an iconic building or area within the campus that everyone is familiar with and in order to replicate that feeling I went out to find these areas and photograph them for the representation of the school within the app. By taking the pieces of the B itself patterns was made and using the negative space to create a unique feel for each school. Each school go it's specific pattern based off the design and artistic program provided.


Balance is a social media platform for City University of New York (CUNY) design students. The platform will enable the students to communicate and share anything from art and design projects, experiences with professors and classes, and even design or artist-related events on any CUNY campus. Balance’s goal will be to inspire and create a unified network within CUNY that are the designers and creatives of tomorrow.